Early Praise for the Book

Here’s What the Experts Have to Say:

“Pulizzi and Barrett have taken Integrated Marketing Communications to the next level with Get Content. Get Customers. The book includes how to combine old and new marketing, online and offline, print and electronic in innovative and useful ways. Every marketer, large or small, can use this text to build better on-going customer relationships.”

Don Schultz, Professor Emeritus in Service, Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University

“Turning prospects into customers used to mean interrupting people with your company’s product messages. But it was tough to break through the clutter. The Web allows smart marketers a better way: create compelling content that people actually want to consume. Pulizzi and Barrett show you how to create and deliver content and they provide dozens of examples of success to learn from.”

David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

“Content marketing may be the most revolutionary obvious idea you’ll ever hear … that marketing works better when you actually have something to say. For those who are seeking to add a personality to their brand, this essential book will take you beyond white papers and give you a roadmap to making content a bigger part of all your marketing. Deftly navigating the worlds of PR, advertising and marketing — Joe and Newt prove that the real secret to great marketing is not a brilliant tagline, but creating compelling and useful content.”

Rohit Bhargava, SVP of Digital Marketing at Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence and Author of Personality Not Included

“Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett take one of the core concepts of new marketing — that providing consumers with valuable content trumps bombarding them with irrelevant advertising — and give brands a treasure trove of tips, tricks, best practices and actionable approaches for using original online and offline content as a weapon in the battle for bottom line results. Get Content. Get Customers. provides a play-by-play for any marketer who is serious about breaking away from the pack, upsetting the status quo and moving beyond interruption marketing by offering compelling content that delivers real value for consumers and real revenue for their companies.”

Greg Verdino, chief strategy officer of crayon, LLC and marketing blogger at www.gregverdino.com

Get Content. Get Customers. highlights the role content plays in making YOUR customers tick, click and stick. An eye opening book that takes you through a step by step strategy to enhance your content and to connect to your customers through words, pictures, sound and video. If creating great content that serves your customer and your customer’s customer is important, this book is for you.”

Samir Husni, aka “Mr. Magazine”, Chair of the Journalism Department, University of Mississippi

“When it comes to online marketing, you’ve got to reach people with what is desired and valued (content) instead of what is despised and ignored (advertising). Online, great content is effective advertising, and smart marketers are the new media. The trick to content marketing is getting your message across while keeping people engaged, and you’re about to discover exactly how to do that with this book.”

Brian Clark, copyblogger.com

“As we rapidly enter the Post-Advertising Age, marketers are scrambling to find new ways to engage their brands with customers, amid the growing realization that the old ways are dead. If intrusion is dead and consumers are in control, Get Content. Get Customers. brilliantly manages the feat of combining the theory of engaging customers through content marketing along with alarmingly simple and practical approaches to doing it. All of this is clearly and intelligently illustrated through many different case studies. For marketers who understand that narrative marketing is the only marketing left but are struggling to understand how to do it, Get Content. Get Customers. finally offers the solution.”

Simon Kelly, chief operating officer, Story Worldwide

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2 Responses to “Early Praise for the Book”

  1. Ian Alexander Says:

    Congrats Joe. Looks like you are really gaining traction.

  2. Bernie Borges Says:

    Joe and Newt have written a classic in contemporary marketing. Their book supports the principle that “content is your marketing.” The book is both a how-to guide for marketing executives and a tool for marketing execs to sell their bosses who need convincing that content marketing is the new definition of marketing. This is a must-read book for all contemporary marketers (which is all marketers).

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