Author of Upcoming Marketing 2.0 Book Champions Get Content Get Customers

Our book just received a much appreciated endorsement from Bernie Borges of the and author of Marketing 2.0 (due out in April 2009).

Here’s what Bernie has to say:

Joe and Newt have written a classic in contemporary marketing. Their book supports the principle that “content is your marketing.” The book is both a how-to guide for marketing executives and a tool for marketing execs to sell their bosses who need convincing that content marketing is the new definition of marketing. This is a must-read book for all contemporary marketers (which is all marketers).

Bernie is a complete content marketing convert who will be introducing readers to the importance of a new way of looking at marketing that integrates the effective use of social media.  As he explains the idea of marketing 2.0:

Marketing 2.0 shifts all the power to the consumer (the buyer). It’s a paradigm shift. I argue it’s even a mindset shift. The power is no longer in the hands of the marketer. The buyer has the ability to engage in conversations on the web with others who share common interests to learn, research and hear from others about products and services of interest. The buyer can learn about a company whose product is being considered, the industry trends, employees, the people of influence, etc. Before a buyer makes a purchase decision he/she has an unparalleled ability to hear from others who have made a similar purchase decision.

Be sure to check out Bernie’s blog: to learn more on his views of marketing as a 2-way communications practice.

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  1. Bookmarketing Noob Says:

    Looks like an excellent marketing book for today’s Web 2.0 world. I’m just beginning marketing my books online and have really been trying to build up quality content prior to marketing and letting people know about my books. I guess I need to have some 2.0 features to really begin the interactions and building relationships. Thanks for the review, I’ll pick up a copy.

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