Get Content Get Customers Grabs Featured Spot on Required Reading List at required reading page Technology Site Delivers Vital Content for 10,000 Movers and Shakers in Technology Industry

We are honored to lead the current required reading list on the respected technology industry site,  Site readers  can download a free book excerpt that gives them the basics of why high tech organizations must learn to ride the content marketing tsunami. is published by the Sand Hill Group, which provides investment and management advice to emerging leaders in the $600 billion enterprise software, services and solutions market. provides two main content areas – “Required Reading” and “In-depth Analysis” – with a broad spectrum of editorial and decision support broken out for management, finance, engineering and marketing executives.

As company founder and software industry vet, M.R. Rangaswami, explains it, the site is a place "where enterprise software experts can go for their daily fix of strategic business information – be it news, insight, analysis or community." He adds that " will give you the pertinent news, opinions from leaders and visionaries, informative and actionable research and industry metrics. But most of all, we want to add a personality to the industry." is clearly doing the job because it merits of strong 5/10 Google page ranking.  According to the company, it currently reaches 10,000 CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs, VPs of Engineering, R&D, Services & Support, Venture Capitalists and members of the software industry eco-system.

Sand Hill Group produces the Software and the Enterprise series of conferences for industry executives, and authors research reports on cutting-edge technology topics. Click here to find out more about the company.

Click here for a link to’s excerpt from Get Content Get Customers.

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