Resources from the Book

Resources from the Book

Thursday, June 19th, 2008


Chapter 1
The New Advertising Outlet: Your Life (NYTimes Article on Nike)
The End of Advertising as we know it – IBM Global Solutions Survey
Nike+ Microsite
Will it Blend? – Blendtec

Chapter 2
Interview with David Levin, CEO United Business Media
Endangered: Local business coverage – Media Life Magazine
Guy Kawasaki’s

Chapter 3
Article from Dec. 20, 2007 Wall Street Journal Blog on Yellow Pages

Chapter 4
Website Example – MindJet
Microsite Example – HomeMadeSimple
eBook example – Small Business 2.0
eBook example – The New Rules of PR
Webcast example – Microsoft
White Paper example – Grant Thornton LLP
Digital magazines example – Nxtbook
eNewsletter example – Tendo View
eZine example – Shama Hyder
Business blog – Sun Microsystems
Virtual Trade Show example – AMD
Podcasts example – Paul Dunay

Chapter 5
Custom Publishing Council

Chapter 6
Is Social Media Killing the Campaign Microsite?
Pandemic Labs Blog about Kevin Nalts
Why Blog Post Frequency Does Not Matter Anymore

Chapter 8
Miller Electric

Chapter 9
‘Tween Waters Inn

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12
The Questory of Root Karbunkulus
Kitchen Studio of Naples
Maui Wowi

Chapter 13
Fort Knox Self Storage

Ace Mobile Mechanics

Chapter 14
Northern Trust
Wealth Magazine

Chapter 15
Naples Chamber of Commerce

Chapter 16
Best Buy
Best Magazine

Chapter 17

Chapter 18
Playhouse Disney

Chapter 19
Promote Your Business Microsite
Flex Products

Chapter 20
Constant Contact

Chapter 21

Chapter 22
Rockwell Automation
Automation Today Asia Pacific

Chapter 24
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