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32 Page Guide to Turning Prospects into Customers

Many marketing pros are frustrated by the decreasing effectiveness of traditional marketing campaigns. The new eBook, Get Content. Get Customers. shows why businesses must make dramatic changes in how they approach current and future customers.

Co-authors, Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett, explain why a new form of marketing is needed,

“The buyer can find everything they need to make informed purchasing decisions on the Internet. They don’t need to rely on old-fashioned marketing collateral nor salespeople to educate them about products. Today, businesses that market only through traditional means ignore the importance of the fundamental changes in buyer behavior that make compelling content so critical to the decision-making process.”

Pulizzi and Barrett recommend the use of content marketing strategies to woo this new breed of buyer. They suggest that providing frequently updated content that is both relevant and compelling is essential to attract and to retain loyal customers.

Get Content. Get Customers. is a practical guide for executives to the brand new world of content marketing. Readers can expect to learn the following:

•The three reasons traditional marketing isn’t working.

•Content marketing is the biggest industry you’ve never heard of.

•What content marketing really is and why it is important.

•Why you must now think like a publisher today!

•The 11 biggest benefits of content marketing.

•The seven deadly sins of content marketing.

•What Best Buy, MindJet, and ThomasNet are doing to drive business through the use of great content.

•What specific methods you should use to implement your content strategy now.

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Free eBook of Get Content. Get Customers

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